New or interesting records of Palearctic Orthoptera (Insecta)


  • Bruno Massa University of Palermo


Ensifera, Caelifera, systematics, distribution, synonymies


The author reports some interesting Orthoptera from Palearctic region, namely: Pezodrymadusa subinermis Karabag, 1961, Phytodrymadusa viridipennis (Shchekanovtsev, 1915), Paranocarodes sulcatus (I. Bolivar, 1912) from Armenia, Scintharista notabilis notabilis (Walker, 1870) from Azores, Brachycrotaphus tryxalicerus (Fischer, 1853) from Egypt, and Euchorthippus declivus (Brisout, 1848) from Sardinia (Italy). Additionally, he establishes the synonymies Eupholidoptera peneri Kaltenbach, 1969 = Uvarovistia rammei Katbeh Bader et Massa, 2001 from Jordan; Stenobothrus ursulae Nadig, 1986 = S. nadigi La Greca, 1986 from Piedmont and Aosta Valley (Italy); Pterolepis pedata A. Costa, 1882 = Rhacocleis berberica dubronyi Baccetti, Massa et Canestrelli, 1995 from Lampedusa Is. (Sicily). He also describes the unknown male of Ocnerosthenus verrucosus (Brunner von Wattenwyl, 1882) and the unknown female of Orchamus kaltenbachi Massa, 2009. Finally, he records a female of Anadrymadusa ornatipennis (Ramme, 1926) from Patmos Is. (Greece), and a female of Eupholidoptera uvarovi (Karabağ, 1952) from Kassos Is. (Greece).

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Bruno Massa, University of Palermo

Dipartimento SENFIMIZO (Section Entomologia, Acarologia, Zoologia)




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