Annotated List of Agromyzidae (Diptera) from Iran, with Four New Records


  • Abu Fazel Dousti


Annotated list, Agromyzidae, leafminers, new record, Iran



The Agromyzidae family includes the most important dipterous species miners of crops for agriculture. Knowledge of 2900 worldwide species are cited, of which about 7% are considered of agronomic interest. (Ortiza, 2009). All Agromyzidae species undermine the internal tissue of different organs of plants. Depending on their eating habits they can be classified as leaf miners (leafmining), stem miners (stem-mining and tunneling), cambium miners, and parasites of flower buds or fruits. Agromyzidae genus within the Palaearctic region consists of 24 genera constituting a total of 1165 species.

The first annotated list of Iranian leafminers of the family Agromyzidae (Diptera), comprising 26 species, is presented. Two Genera and four species, are considered to be new records from Iran: Amauromyza carlinae (Herring, 1944), Amauromyza fraxini (Beiger, 1980), Calycomyza humeralis (von Roser, 1840), Pseudonapomyza atra (Meigen, 1830).




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