Journal of the Entomological Research Society, Vol 20, No 1 (2018)

Notes on Some Species of Gnophini (Ennominae, Geometridae, Lepidoptera) from Turkey, with New Records

Erdem Seven


In this paper, three species of the tribe Gnophini are recorded for the first time from Turkey: Charissa adjectaria Staudinger, 1898; C. annubilata (Christoph, 1885) and Gnophos sacraria Staudinger, 1895. Furthermore, two little-known Gnophos Treitschke, 1825 species are presented: G. mardinaria Staudinger, 1901 and G. libanotica (Wehrli, 1931). Male genitalia and adult images of Charissa annubilata, Gnophos sacraria and G. mardinaria with female genitalia and adult images of G. libanotica are illustrated here as new.

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