Activity of Burying Beetles (Coleoptera: Nicrophorus) in the Forest Edge a Preliminary Study

  • Arkadiusz Urbański
  • Edward Baraniak
Keywords: Burying beetles, Nicrophorus, habitat preferences, edge effect


 Burying beetles use small carcasses for reproduction. One of the most important factors reducing the negative impact of interspecific competition among them is habitat preferences. Their preferences were studied by several authors, but data about their activity in forest edge are insufficient. This preliminary study about relation between Nicrophorus species in the forest edge was conducted near the city of Poznań (western Poland). During observation significant differences between burying beetles activity were recorded. Furthermore, analysis of obtained data definitely showed that Nicrophorus vespilloides Herbst, a typical forest species, was frequently observed also in the forest edge. However, activity of N. vespilloides was shaped differently in different habitats. In the other hand typical meadow species, Nicrophorus vespillo L., was reported predominantly in cages placed in preferred habitat. These results could be explained by results of analysis of temperature data. Similar frequency of N. vespilloides in forest and forest edge might by related with similar temperature conditions observed in these habitats.

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