Change Phenotypic Traits in Ground Beetles (Carabidae) Reflects Biotope Disturbance in Central Europe

  • Vladimír Langraf
  • Kornélia Petrovičová
  • Stanislav David
  • Monika Kanská
  • Janka Nozdrovická
  • Janka Schlarmannová
Keywords: Bioindication, ellipsoid biovolume, flight ability, Carabidae, Slovakia


 A trend of morphometric characteristic bioindication use and flight ability of the Carabidae is their valuation in relation to land use intensity. There are biotopes that are less disturbed, characterized by the presence of individuals that have a higher body average volume value, the so-called ellipsoid biovolume (EV), more than the presence of apterous and brachpterous species. We undertook a bioindication valuation in 7 types of biotopes in the Juhoslovenská kotlina basin and the Veporské vrchy Mts. In 2015- 2016, we recorded 3605 individuals (1682 ♂♂, 1923 ♀♀) belonging to 54 species. Biotope heterogeneity and natural conditions are very important for locality selection. We tested 3 hypotheses: 1) the average body size value (EV) of ground beetles decreases with the increasing intensity of biotopes disturbance. 2) a higher number of apterous and brachpterous species appears in stable biotopes and continuous forest cover in the country, 3) the macropterous species predominates in unstable biotopes and isolated forest cover. We confirmed different EV and disturbed intensity by the level of significance pα=0,05. The apterous and brachpterous species dominated in undisturbed and stable biotopes. The macropterous species dominated in disturbed biotopes.

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