Comparison of attractive and intercept traps for sampling rove beetles (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae)

  • Shabab Nasir
  • Iram Nasir
  • Faisal Hafeez
  • Iqra Yousaf
Keywords: Collection methods, Staphylinids, Comparison, Rove beetles, Punjab, Pakistan


Field experiment was conducted to collect/sample staphylinid beetles with four different traps (flight intercept trap, Berlese funnel trap, light trap and pit fall trap) and net/hand collection from eleven selected locations of Punjab (Pakistan) in 2013 and 2014. Each locality was sampled for 4 days with an interval of two months. Different abiotic factors were noted and Shannon diversity index was calculated for each locality. A total of 4386 specimens (beetles) were collected (during both study years). Pit-fall traps were found most conducive and effective in sampling/capturing beetles (13.7, 12.4 individuals) followed by Berlese funnel traps (10.5, 12 individuals) and net/hand collection (4.8, 5.3 individuals) in 2013 and 2014 respectively. Light traps showed least efficiency (4.2, 3.9 individuals). Maximum value of species richness and abundance was observed during Monsoon season (July-August). Paederus fuscipes was the most common species. The highest value of α-diversity index (20.776 & 20.812) was observed from Sargodha during both years while in case of Shannon-Wiener index value, Murid Wala was the highest (2.502) during 2013 and Gutwala (2.568) during 2014. Changa Manga was the place with highest evenness value (0.899). The results of Generalized Linear Mixed Model (GLMM) also indicated that the abundance/number of beetles sampled with different collection methods had significant effects with locality and crop type while insignificant effects with time (years). We conclude that methods of trapping need refinement by installing traps for large duration in all study location keeping all conditions (biotic & abiotic) in view to enhance the efficiency of collection methods and exploration of staphylinid beetles.
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